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Tagged and priced to sell! So excited! I have to admit, it’s hard to sell some of these. We found some seriously spectacular stuff. Faire friends, come see me at Bazaar in Scarby & CO. I have ALL THE PRETTIES!

Happy Easter Beer, everyone! It’s a fun tradition we observe on the road to rekindle the childhood enjoyment of the holiday. In the weeks leading up to Easter, folks donate cases of cheap mystery beer. The cans are spray painted festive pastel colors and hidden like eggs in our campground for giddy, giggling adults to hunt the morning after Easter. There are usually a few rare and prized Golden 40s as well.

By the rules, you must finish each beverage you find before you are permitted to pick up another. This usually leads to roving hoards of presently tipsy friends giggling and hooting shouts of encouragement and discovery to each other, sipping lukewarm beer, belching uproariously, and watching their buddies scramble trees to fetch the Easter Beers hidden in the crook of low-hanging branches.
I usually just sip one beer in the spirit of celebration, but I love hearing everyone’s Easter Beer stories for weeks to come. What a blast! Happy Easter Beer! #eastertradition #holidaytradition #feelinglikeakidagain (at I live in a tent among the pecan trees)

Middle ear infection x24 days? Check! Finally went to the doc and he made faces at what he found in my ears. Oops! Here I was, hoping it would just get better eventually. Blarg. Also, this bottle of antibiotics is freaking massive! OM NOM NOM FEEL BETTER PILLS!! #sicky


Alright our lovely little witches, here is your chance to win some ghostly goodies from Omnia Oddities!

Win the following items:
· One (1) “The Séance” sterling silver amulet
  with natural moonstone on 24” sterling chain.
· Two (2) Planchette Omnia logo tees in sizes
  s - xxxl. (One for you, one for a friend you tag.
  If you do not tag a friend only ONE shirt will be
· One (1) “The Séance” clear resin bangle in size
  small or standard.

The Rules:
· You must reblog and FOLLOW.
· Do not delete the original text.
· No giveaway only blogs.
· Must be atleast 18 years old or have parent or
  guardian’s permission to enter.
· Tag a friend. (optional)

Giveaway ends and winner chosen at random on:
04/21/14 @ 9pm EDT.

Contest is open to all, we ship world-wide. :)

Good Luck

Wow. That pendant. Wow.

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