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The equinox is nigh. The trees have just begun to shimmer in autumnal finery. The cool breeze is soft yet persistent; the susurrus of leaves ebbs and flows as breaking waves under a gentle gray sky.

In the space, in this peace, I’m sipping my coffee and taking a moment to breathe and reflect. From my lips, unbidden, tumble phrases in ecclesiastical Latin, voiced by melismas long forgotten. From whence does this memory come? And what a marvel that I can still articulate such beautiful melodies!

Blessed Mabon, friends. It’s coming…

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Someone was wrong on the Internet.

I engaged in some seriously quick and dirty research on Islam to rebut someone’s “yes All Muslims” argument.
By quick and dirty, I mean sure I spent 7 hours in solid research, but I did not cross-reference several translations of scripture and I only edited for grammar.


It engages me unreasonably when people cherry pick verses out of any sacred text and warp them to depict a violent, bigoted, and highly subjective picture.

It irks me even more so when they teach their children to do the same.

Isn’t there enough hate in the world?

Go to the clinic, boys and girls! If you are sexually active, you must hold yourself and your partners accountable for regular STD screenings. Don’t fret. Don’t shame. Don’t be afraid. When we choose to be sexually active adults, we all automatically assume some amount of risk. No stigma is necessary. Getting tested regularly helps minimise your chances of acquiring and communicating infection. See? I’m going. You can, too. #reducethestigma #noshame #notafraid #stdtesting #sexeducation #stdscreening #hiv #hivtest #gettested #dontwait

For a wound to heal, you have to clean it out. Again, and again, and again. And this cleaning process stings. The cleaning of a wound hurts. Yes. Healing takes so much work. So much persistence. And so much patience. But every process has an end and an appointed term. Your healing will come, God willing. And like all created things, your worldly pain will die.
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I love how the Addams Family has ZERO slut-shaming. Like… honey you can dance naked and enslave someone with your womanly charms if you want to, I don’t fucking care, but so help me you’re going to get a college education first.


The Addamses are what every family should aspire to be like (you know; without the dismemberment and electric chairs as play time).  Honestly, have you ever seen more unconditionally loving and supportive parents than Gomez and Morticia?  And not just with the kids, but with each other.  I think what’s especially unique about them is how open they are with everything.  They don’t treat their children like children.  They treat them like they treat everyone else; direct, and to the point. 

It’s creepy how many good examples of parenting and romantic relationships there is in these characters, especially considering they are supposed to be the antithesis of the stereotypical American nuclear family.

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